How to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa
How to tell your kids the truth about Santa

How to tell your kids the truth about Santa

Last year, my big sister approached me with the idea for a children’s book. Based on her real-life experience as a mother of four, she had imagined a basic concept for how to tell your kids the truth about Santa and she wanted me to help her put the concept into compelling words. From the start, I fully believed in the message; it was simple, it was smart, it was helpful and best of all, it wasn’t a dream-dasher for the kids. In fact, the clever idea promised to maintain the magic!

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There’s Certainly a Santa”
Created by Chelsea Rippy
Written by Tyler Stenson
Illustrated by Rafael Scott Fuhriman

As it turns out, the easy part was creatively crafting the message of HOW to tell your kids the truth about Santa (as seen in this book). The hard part has actually been the marketing efforts — HOW to best explain the HOW !?!

Though we’ve tried several roads, I believe we finally struck a chord of clarity in our most recent video. See for yourself. Below is my sister [Chelsea] explaining her personal parenting experience with her children and how it eventually weaved its way into becoming There’s Certainly a Santa (aka. the definitive tool for how to tell your kids the truth about Santa).


Finally, a Magically Simple New Way to Tell Your Kids the TRUTH About Santa

“IS SANTA REAL?” is one of the trickiest questions a child can ask, but an amazing new book handles it beautifully! Inspired by a mother’s true story, There’s Certainly a Santa is a children’s book and parental tool that IS the conversation you can have with your little … telling them the truth but making it more magical than ever before!

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