SiriusXM Coffee House Live (Full Audio Set)

Tyler Stenson SiriusXM Coffee House Live

THE WAIT IS OVER. If you missed my SiriusXM “The Coffee House Live” session (because you don’t have a SiriusXM account), you can now listen to the entire set below. Though it was recorded at SiriusXM’s New York City studios in August, it finally aired publicly on February 28, 2016 … and now, it’s available for all ears to hear on my YouTube channel.

The Coffee House Live is a very cool weekly program on SiriusXM (channel 14). More than just one song and done, it’s a chance for stars and up-and-comers alike to play a full collection of songs, while also sharing the stories that inspired them. Each set includes a cover song — but mine includes two — Maggie May by Rod Stewart and a creative mash-up of Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel) and I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen).


This was such a fun experience and a true honor to be featured on the radio station that plays all of my absolute favorite artists. Enjoy the performance below (unfortunately, it’s only audio over pictures — but it includes two songs that did not originally air, due to time constraints) and be sure to tell SiriusXM Coffee House Live that you want to hear more!

Tyler Stenson Live @ SiriusXM // The Coffee House [FULL AUDIO]

Carry On
Cecilia // I’m on Fire (Simon & Garfunkel // Bruce Springsteen)
Say No More
Best Laid Plans
The Arsonist
That Moon (bonus track – did not air!)
As the Crow Flies (bonus track – did not air)
Maggie May (Rod Stewart)

NOTE: Although the cover songs are not available for sale, click on the links above to purchase the album version of each song on iTunes. If you’re dying to own the cover songs for your personal collection, feel free to email me and I’ll gladly send you the audio files — I just can’t sell them for profit.

3 Responses to SiriusXM Coffee House Live (Full Audio Set)

  1. Mike Lauer says:

    Just heard Your cover of Maggie May on Coffee House, and yes, dying to own it!

  2. Scott W says:

    Yes! I heard the Maggie May cover and have been “scouring” the internet for a copy. Could you please send?

  3. DanielW says:

    I would like a copy of Maggy May. Phenomenal cover.

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