My Silent Night Acoustic Cover

A couple years ago, I visited a recording studio to track a few acoustic Christmas songs live. It was a ton of fun and seemingly a great success, however, the fact remains that it was a couple years ago. It’s time to add more!

In the spirit of Christmas 2016, I set up some mics in my living room to record an intimate Silent Night acoustic cover. With just me, my guitar and grandpa’s harmonica, the result was a unique take on the old classic. Hear it for yourself!


Yes, this Silent Night acoustic cover was the sixth in the series, so there’s plenty more holiday music where this came from. Check out the full list below and be sure to add these ‘modern takes’ to your holiday playlist!

Oh, Holy Night
Do You Hear What I Hear?
I Heard the Bells
Belleau Wood
Little Drummer Boy
Silent Night

Silent Night acoustic cover by Tyler Stenson

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