This Too Shall Pass Cover Song

It’s true what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

To clarify, nobody is trying to imitate me. Stil, you wouldn’t believe how flattered I was when I saw Breanna Webb post a This Too Shall Pass cover song.

Well done Breanna. You took my original and brought your own style and passion into a This Too Shall Pass cover song. Beautiful.

I have been writing songs since 1999. I have written 100s of original pieces in that time. Although I am personally pleased with most of my songs, it’s funny: none of these creations have quite caught fire like this song in particular. In fact, I’ve looked, and I have not seen any of my songs covered by another person … EXCEPT for a few people choosing to tackle a This Too Shall Pass cover song.

I suppose this can be attributed to the fact that this song is being played on SiriusXM’s The Coffee House—and I suppose that makes it my number one played song on Spotify.

No matter the reason, I’ll take it.

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