Sara Hertel Photography

So many people have been asking me about my Portland photographer (the talent behind all those lovely promo shots and recent album cover), so I want to give a shout out to Sara Hertel Photography. She’s the real deal.


Sara Hertel Photography
I met Sara a few years ago while opening for LeAnn Rimes at the Oregon Zoo. She was a bright soul, but our opportunity to work together didn’t surface until I needed promo shots a year later. I gave her a call and we quickly jumped on a shoot together.

This was the best Portland photographer I’ve worked with. Hands down. I’ve been able to use my promo photos for so many different purposes. I also loved a particular photo so much that it recently became the cover art for New Northbound (2017).

Tyler Stenson New Northbound
A good photographer is so hard to find, but every once in a while it comes around. For me, that was Sara Hertel Photography in Portland, OR. She was pure joy to work with and has the talent to match. I think you’ll see LOTS of photos from her in the future.

Look her up — she’ll treat ya right!

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