PRP Drop-In Session and Songs

Fresh off of a flight from Los Angeles and just before the storm of my upcoming concert in Portland, I was invited to do a PRP drop-in session with host Steven Shomler. As part of his Tasty Tuesday show, the Portland Radio Project was very kind to have me by the studio to talk about the Counting Crows Tribute Concert that I’ll be hosting this weekend, as well as, to perform a couple songs live on air.

As you’ll hear in the fast and furious interview below, I opted to play 1) a Counting Crows song called “Angels of the Silences” and 2) an early song of mine called “Cannonball” — a tune that illustrates obvious influence from Counting Crows, the band I proudly dub as my biggest musical muse. Enjoy!

Tyler Stenson PRP Drop-In Session

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