NEW SONG: How Bright [Live for Kickstarter]

Now that we’re past the half-way hump and nearing the 70th percentile of my Kickstarter campaign, I wanted to post another new song to light the way home. We’re so close, but still so far away!


If you recall my song “That I’ll Know You..” (from my “Some Days I’m a Lion” album), “How Bright” can be considered the sequel. While the former song talked about WHEN I meet that special someone, may she shine brighter than the others, this song is all about that fateful night when I DID meet Her — and the ever present brightness that radiated from her direction.


Enjoy the new song and please continue to do your part in spreading the news about this Kickstarter campaign. If you want to hear a studio version of this song recorded in all its glory, we still have 30% to climb. We got this, together!

Much love,



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