New Northbound on Listen Here Reviews

I woke up this morning to a surprising tweet; I was happy to see someone had shared their thoughts on my latest album, New Northbound. Totally unexpected, but totally welcomed!


Yes, BIG THANKS to Lauren Gribble, at Listen Here Reviews in Austin, for taking the time to listen to my latest album and for crafting your review of my work. Nothing flatters an artist more than knowing their art is enjoyed, to the point where that enjoyment is then shared with others.

I’m honored that you’d pass on the good word.

Tyler Stenson on Listen Here Reviews

Speaking of flattering, this excerpt from Lauren’s Listen Here Reviews piece is new wind in my sail:

As the Crow Flies” is another stripped-down song that evokes similar emotions as “Tiny Caravan.” Utilizing all his songwriting and storytelling skills, the images that Stenson paints in his music are very real and relatable, making his fans feel like they have a close artist and fan relationship with Stenson. Being compared to such musicians as Cat Stevens, James Taylor, and Josh Ritter, Stenson is in great musical company, and fans and critics will be pleased to know that his music lives up to these comparisons.

Thank you, Lauren, for the kind words. New Northbound is a special set of songs that chronicle the finding of love and contentment in my life. It was a long road getting there, but I’m proud to finally share these songs with the world—and I’m once again honored that you’d share your New Northbound experience with your world.

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