New Album Title Announced

It’s true: Best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Although I set out (with the best of intentions) to record a 10-track new album entitled Steady as I Go, you should know that plan is now dead. No, I did not squander your investment — instead, I’m here to report this project is now a 12-track record called New Northbound.

I hope your pledge wasn’t contingent on the title 😉

Tyler Stenson New Northbound

How did this happen?

Well, I traveled to Boise to record the lion’s share of the new album at House Below Productions and once we started into the material, the new identity revealed itself as clear as day. Simply put, this dynamic creation is anything but steady, it’s a brave new frontier. It’s Elegant Folk 2.0.

So what title best explains that?

I’ve said all along that this album couldn’t be more of the same — it needed to reflect the changes I’ve gone through in my personal life. It needed to reflect my newfound contentment with life in the middle. And wouldn’t you know it, the more we dissected the songs and uncovered the joy this comfort brings, the more it became certain that “the middle is the New Northbound.”

So there you have it. The album that started with steady as a resounding theme has stayed true to the origins, while acquiring a swagger, in the form of a forward lean. Let’s just say Contentment is King.

I can’t wait to share it with you.

Steady as I Go
How Bright
New Northbound
The Nest
Denim Sky
Good Comet
Spinning Me
Tiny Caravan
Middle Daughter
Say No More (2.0)
As the Crow Flies (2.0)

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