Little Light Now Available for Download

After seven years in the shadows, I am ready to put Little Light into the world. It’s time.

You see, Little Light is a tribute to my nephew who left this world far too soon. He was only three years old, so I’ve always referred to this tragedy as my song about floods. I’ve always painted it as a heavy, gray cloud.

But that’s not the legacy I want for him. And if you ask her, it’s not the legacy my sister would want for him either.

So I look to a lyric by the late and brilliant Leonard Cohen, “There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

Oh, what Hope that sentence gives!

So today, on what would be my nephew’s tenth birthday, it feels like just the right time to rewrite the old, gray story of tragedy, and reframe it as a new, bright celebration.

Let’s do it: Join me in soaking up the floods with this song. Let the water leak in through the cracks and fill up your vessel. Then take that substance, use its nourishing qualities and burst at the seems with transformed, bright, and albeit Little Light.


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