My Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

After much preparation, I am proud to say my Kickstarter campaign is officially LIVE!


For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a platform that allows you to pledge funds toward my project — but it’s not just charity — you get rewards in return. Within the Kickstarter campaign there are set reward tiers that allow you to pick the amount you feel comfortable contributing, in exchange for a comparable reward (smaller donation = smaller reward // larger donation = larger reward).

It’s called crowd funding and it’s a beautiful system that allows you to donate, me to record a new album and us to enjoy the final product together.

So, although I’ve spent the last three years writing my newest album, we now have only 30 days (end of August 31st) to raise the $13,000. That’s a steep hill to climb (and not a lot of time to do it within), but the new album and feature music video will be worth the grind. Together, we got this.

Thank you in advance and pretty please, pass it on.




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