This is What a Kickstart Sounds Like

THAT’S IT, we are 100% funded! Thank you to the 200+ people who had my back from a strong start to a stronger finish. This quite literally would not have happened without you, so even though your work is done — that’s NOT all folks — now it’s my turn to work for you!

PS. If you were still planning to contribute, it’s not too late. Though we’ve technically reached our goal, all overage funds will go toward the recording of extra singles and album promotion — so claim your rewards while they’re still available!

Starting now, I’ll be working tirelessly through the fall to create this new album, with my marks on a New Year’s Day record release (January 1st, 2017). Rewards will be delivered soon after (within the month of January).

I will keep you updated all along the way. Check back for progress reports, behind the scenes notes, videos from the recording process and of course, the finished product!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support is inspiring.

Much love,


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