First New Northbound Single Debut

Ready to Hear Your First Full Song From the Album?

I promised those who donated $100+ that I would post a “beaming shout out” on social media and in my estimation, this is as bright as it gets. Below is a super serious video thanking those extra Elegant Folk, as well as, the grand debut of How Bright.

PS. This was your digital shout out — your hand-written notes are on the way 😉

If you like what you hear, but didn’t Kickstart the album, you can still pre-order your copy here.

NOTE: You may have noticed that I ended the video by saying, “look for the album in March” — this does and doesn’t apply to you backers! I have decided to publicly release the record the first week of March (long story as to why), but I will be shipping backer copies as soon as I get them in my hand in mid February. I realize that’s a touch late than promised, but I wanted to do this right not fast. You’ll get them first, promise.

Thanks again for helping back this project. I couldn’t have done it without you. Now, enjoy the new single and look forward to ten more!

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