3 Songs in The Garden NYC

If I were to have written a career bucket list in the beginning, I’m not sure I would have even dreamed to include the audacious happenings of this video — but it’s now included retroactively.

On the surface, it appears that I’m just playing some songs that I wrote, in a t-shirt and some tennis shoes. Nothing glamorous. But look past me to the background. The Art. The unmistakable art of Felipe Molina. Most notable, however, is the piece on the far right that became the cover of Counting Crows’ Somewhere Under Wonderland album.

This isn’t random happenstance. You see, “The Garden,” is a neat little space in the corner of an NYC apartment living room, owned by Adam Duritz, the lead singer of Counting Crows, who just so happens to be my single biggest musical influence. So yes, in the video below, as a part of The Outlaw Roadshow NYC, I’m playing songs in the living room of my musical muse and he’s in the room, watching on.

Mic drop.

Like I said, not something I would have even thought to put on my bucket list, but it is now. And check.

The Arsonist
As the Crow Flies
That Moon

While I was in “The Garden” apartment, I got the opportunity to sit at the piano. I’ll admit, it’s not THE piano where many of my favorite Counting Crows songs were penned, but it’s still an instrument that has most definitely been played by some greats, soaking up good juju along the way … and that’s okay by me.

What a weird day. It may not look like much, but I’m sitting at the piano, in the living room, of my all time biggest influence (Adam Duritz of Counting Crows). I hung out. I played songs. I drank wine. And I’ll do it again tomorrow. If Music gives me nothing else, it gave me this weird day – thankfully. #ElegantFolk #TylerOnTour #singersongwriter #bucketlist #countingcrows #TheOutlawRoadshow

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BIG THANKS to Ryan Spaulding, Adam Duritz, Ehud Lazin of One on One films and the entire Outlaw Roadshow crew for the chance to play the Outlaw Roadshow NYC 2015 and to create this lasting highlight in my musical career. Who doesn’t wanna be an outlaw?

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