100 Supporters is Better Than 1 Hater

As you know, I have launched into a Kickstarter campaign that ends August 31st. It has been 16 grueling days, but day 12 was almost more than I could bear. Cue the troll.

Yes, my healthy conversation with my fans got infiltrated by something less healthy — and the comment cut right down to the bone.

For a good couple days, I was doubting the whole effort; “Should I pull the campaign? Do people care enough? Do I have what it takes to hear more comments like this? Do I have pride? Should I be ashamed? Am I asking too much? Etc?

In a moment of admitted weakness, I then posted the comment on Facebook — just thinking out loud. The rush of comments that followed crushed all doubt. It slaughtered the negativity and propped me back on my feet. Thank you for that.

I’ll take 100 supporters over a troll, every day.

We’re rolling. We got this.

Kickstarter supporters

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